The Officer Tatum is currently hiring dynamic writers for the Tatum Report.

Like Brandon, The Tatum Report strives to keep everything 100 while delivering facts, opinions, conservative values, and empowerment to affect change.

We are looking for writers who have something to say from the conservative perspective. Writers who are willing to do research and take initiative to write complying and truthful articles.

We are looking for writers who can:

● Write unique content. (Either in op-eds or have a unique way of reporting on current events)
● Write from a conservative perspective
● Write news reports and stories
● Write op-eds
● Write about pop culture as it relates to the conservative perspective
● Write about sports as it relates to the conservative perspective
● Have cultural diversity awareness
● Be versatile

● Writing experience
● Basic understanding of writing standards ( spelling, grammar, punctuation, plagiarism)
● Basic knowledge of Journalistic Standards (Fact-checking, credible sources, evidentiary material/comments)
● Able to write complying articles within a 250 – 500 word count.
● Be consistent and reliable
● Be able to work unsupervised
● Have an understanding and ability to use remote and digital communications
● Meet deadlines

If you are interested in writing for The Tatum Report please fill out the application below. Please attach your resume and a sample of your writing for us to review.

Applications that are accepted for further review will be contacted by April 4th to set up an interview.