Anti-White Rhetoric

America’s anti-police, anti-white rhetoric needs to come to an end. The other day, my son got a notification on his Madden game talking about Black Lives Matter and the oppression of Black people. And then one of my white friends showed me a public statement on the Strava cycling app, apologizing for being a racist organization in the past.

The oppression of Black Americans is just an unverified opinion held by some, yet it’s pushed on young people. Why do Black people need special treatment and handouts? Why are we worried more about Black athletes? I’m sick of the pandering. I’m sick of the false equivalence. I’m sick of people painting a picture where I am less than others in my own country.

All Lives Matter

This country is as much mine as it is yours. While I have never personally experienced racism in America, that doesn’t mean that other people haven’t. I won’t walk around with my head down with a victim mentality or allow someone to force an idea on me just because of the color of my skin.

None of the people that I know are racist. I have a lot of friends who are white. It’s not fair that I can talk about my opinions about the American flag and I can give a statement about how ridiculous the Black Lives Matter organization is but my white friends don’t have that same right. This is America where you have freedom of speech.

If you say All Lives Matter – which includes Black lives – you get fired. Sacramento Kings broadcaster Grant Napear was fired after tweeting ALL LIVES MATTER. You are not going to accomplish the goal that you want if you are doing it with hatred and vitriol or with the idea that you are going to force people to kneel and bow down to you for the sins of their ancestors.

Protests Kill More Black People

George Floyd was an extreme criminal who was arrested and sentenced to jail nine times. He planned a home invasion where he pistol whipped a pregnant woman and he was high on meth and fentanyl as he resisted arrest at the time of his death. Does that mean he deserved to die? No, it doesn’t. The police officers in his case should be held accountable for their actions.

Protestors defending Mr. Floyd’s “honor” by giving him 3 funerals on live television while Black people riot and kill 9 more Black people makes no sense! Black protestors destroyed millions of dollars worth of property owned by Black people. A young Black man murdered retired St. Louis police Captain David Dorn – also Black –  who had 38 years of service in his Black community. He was released on probation which he violated twice. A career criminal kills an upstanding Black man and everyone stays quiet!

Hypocrisy Across America

There are 44 million Black people in this country. More than 7,000 Black people were killed by other Black people in 2019.  Black people are dying because people don’t know how to handle their anger and nobody’s being held accountable. Chicago, Illinois is known as the war zone of the United States. 83% of the homicides in Chicago are unsolved. In 2019, 192 Black people were murdered in Chicago and not a single murder was by police. Police shot a total of 9 unarmed Black people in 2019. Hundreds of thousands of Black people have died from heart disease and other ailments yet you claim you care about Black lives.

Taking Accountability

Stop voting for politicians who implement policies that destroy your community. All of the cities that are riddled with crime, mass deaths, mass incarceration, and police misconduct are in Democratic-run cities and states, some of which are run by all Black people.

Secondly, hold yourself accountable. Make sure you take care of your responsibilities. Nobody told you to sleep around and not protect yourself. Stop putting yourself in situations where you’ll end up with a kid and no job. If you’re a woman, stop having babies with men who are in and out of prison and telling yourself he’ll change.

Stop blaming everybody else for the decisions you make. Nobody told you to smoke weed. Nobody told you to disobey your mom and your grandma when they were telling you to get an education. That’s on you. White men didn’t force you to do any of that.

Don’t go around projecting racism on other people. Every time you see a white person you question whether they’re mad at you or not. Focus on succeeding. Concern yourself with how you’re going to dominate. As a Black man in America, I’m winning because I’m not sitting around worried about white people. I’m not trying to guess who’s racist and who’s not.

Invest in Your Community

80% of NFL football players go bankrupt and most of them are Black. Why is that? It’s culture. If this country is so racist then why do African immigrants do much better than Black Americans who were born and raised here? While you’re worried about LeBron James and how many 3-pointers he’s shooting, other people are worried about how to start businesses and build economic wealth. You can’t tell me anything about the stock market, investing, or the last book you read but you can tell me who’s in the final four, who’s going to the Super Bowl, and all the stats of every NBA, NFL, and MLB player.

Build up your community. All these football players out here talking about the oppression of black and brown bodies, taking a knee and protesting when you could pool your money together to open a Black-owned bank or purchase investment properties that will generate wealth for you and your family members. But instead you want to buy a Bentley or gold chains and get mad at the system.

Know Your History

White liberals need to stop telling me who I am and what my experiences have been in America. Just because one Black person experienced oppression doesn’t mean every Black person does. We’re individuals and we should be treated as such. Just because one black person commits a crime doesn’t mean we are all criminals. Just because one police officer does a bad thing doesn’t mean all police officers are bad. You’ve gotta operate on individuality. You are individually responsible for your future. It’s very simple.

This country was founded on good principles in good faith and some of you don’t even know the history of this country. This country wasn’t founded on racism. Slavery was all over the world. It was opportunistic. It was legal slave trade. Do you know how slaves came about? They were enslaved in Africa first. So if you want your reparations go to Africa and ask them why they put you in chains and sold you to the white people. Black people owned slaves too in this country. The first legal slave owner was a Black man, Anthony Johnson, in the 1600’s. Every black person wasn’t a slave. There were indigent servants in the north and in the south slavery was legal.

We have built this country together, we have overcome adversity, of barbaric principles that we now look back on and criticize. We’re the freest place on earth. All of us work together. There are no laws against Black people. There is no law that applies to Black people and white people differently. As a matter of fact, if you discriminate against somebody criminally, that’s a hate crime. We need to come together, we need to start focusing on individuality, we need to try to better our country in the ways that we can.  And make this country better than it was yesterday.