My Message to Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams is an actor who got on BET and made what I would consider a compelling, articulate, and poetic speech but a wrong, incorrect, inaccurate, and a hate speech. He’s the most digressive progressive person that I ever heard of and I’ll tell you why. Jesse was born in ‘81 to interracial parents. His mom is white and his dad is Black. I guarantee you that they met and started a relationship during a time when interracial relationships weren’t popular.

To go against the grain, they decided to be progressive. They decided to not let culture and society box them in to the status quo. They chose love over racism. But then 30 years later you have their son completely unraveling what they’ve established and him putting them back into the box. There’s no reason when you come from a progressive family and in a moment of sharing love and success that you cause division and stupidity.

I saw this joker face-to-face and this is the problem that I’m seeing with all of these Black Lives Matter people and all these other jokers that want to stimulate and perpetuate racism is that they like to make blanket statements about stuff that’s totally inaccurate.

We’ll start with the blatant white people mentality. First of all, it’s time for us to move on and move forward. Yes, there’s things that happened in history but it’s time to move forward. You can’t sit in the past all day and be the victim; it’s time to be the victor.

Be specific about the white people and this whiteness that you’re referring to because I know for a fact that the person who is selfless and spends her life nurturing is your mom who’s a white woman. You need to be better for her. You weren’t raised by a Black woman; you were raised by a white woman who probably busted her tail and did a really good job. So you need to be better for her, not for Black women.

You’re just trying to say something to make everybody feel good because you’re at the all-Black awards banquet. Let’s be specific about the white people you’re talking about and I’m gonna tell you who you’re not talking about. And this is the problem with most people that make a blanket statement and won’t be specific.

Start being specific. I’m going to be specific about who you’re not talking about. You’re not talking about Abraham Lincoln. Abolishment of slavery. You’re not talking about the white individuals who sacrificed their lives and their houses to assist Harriet Tubman in the underground railroad. You’re not talking about those white people. You’re not talking about those who fought in the Civil War for Black people for the betterment and incorporation of Black people into this society.

You’re not talking about my high school football coach who took it upon himself to promote his love, bloodshed and tears for all of us young brothers who everyone forgot. We had 9 D1 athletes and 4 All-Americans all on one team. He put his heart into that. You’re not talking about the athletic director that gave me a scholarship and paid for my undergrad degree. You’re not talking about none of my teachers. My white teachers that don’t get paid anything but they still poured out love in a school that I went to that was rough.

If I saw you and I spoke to your face this is who I’d tell you you’re not talking to. You’re not talking to my brothers and sisters wearing that uniform that put their life on the line for me every single day and that would die for me in a minute.

Get your record straight brother. While you’re going around spewing out lies you’re really hurting the Black community because you’re lying to them about Sandra Bland. First of all, cops didn’t kill her, she killed herself. You need to address her character; we can control the things that happen to us based on character. It doesn’t matter what other people do, it’s about you. If you want to fix your situation and you want to know how you can be successful then look in the mirror.

Michael Brown or the young kid Rice that got shot in the park. He wasn’t just running around the park acting like a kid. You’re putting out false information. You’re giving people false hope. He had a gun in his hand, pointing it at people and running after people. They don’t know if it’s real or not. I think they could’ve handled that situation a little better. Them shooting him was not unjustified. What would you do Mr. Williams?

You’ve probably never been in a police car before. What do you do? You act, you make money. You come from a good home. And you’re lying to other Black people, getting them all riled up, being fake. You talk about the issues Black people are facing so we can do some introspection because we control what our community looks like.

We need to stop killing each other, that’s what we need to do. We need to talk about the recidivism rate. We need to talk about dropout rate. We need to talk about single-parent homes. We need to talk about that. We need to face the music. We need to do better for ourselves and therefore other people will respect us a little bit more. \

That’s what you should be getting up and talking about. You don’t need to point the finger at the white man. Point the finger at yourself. Point the finger at what you’ve done. Point your finger at what all those people at the BET awards have done. Don’t get up spewing out that stuff when you’re receiving an award from an organization that’s owned by a white man. Don’t get up and try to play the race card. Don’t try to play a Black power card.

When you talk about somebody needing to sit down, you need to sit down. I’m a Black man, I’ve been through things, I’ve lived in this country obviously and I’m telling you to sit down brother. If I saw you face-to-face I’d tell you to sit down; I don’t care about your money. You need to sit down or you need to change your rhetoric. You need to change the way you approach these situations.