REACTION: What Black Lives Matter means to an 11 year old

This video was one of the most bizarre videos I’ve ever seen in my life and there are some people who should be held accountable for allowing this 11 year-old child to produce this video in the first place. First, this little girl claims that we’re stuck in 1920 fighting for our lives and then she claims that white people hate Black people; but I’d really like to know, who hates Black people more? Is it white people or other Black people?

You show me a Black person running from the police and claim he’s an innocent Black person. Resisting arrest and running with guns does not make you innocent. You have a higher chance of being killed in a drive-by in Chicago than you do dealing with police officers. If you’ve done something wrong then don’t resist arrest!

Then she makes a reference to Breonna Taylor, asking how she’s going to feel safe in her own home when the police target Black people for suspicious behavior. They’re brainwashing these kids. Breonna was knee-deep in drug deals gone bad since 2016. They had a warrant for her arrest and the judge gave the police officers a no-knock exception, which they didn’t use.

They’re still talking about black hoodies in reference to Trayvon Martin. The man that killed him was Mexican and had no relation to police officers. This little girl in the video makes it sound like everybody’s scared of Black men. Yeah, your dad scares me if he’s selling dope! If he’s like me, a nice and responsible man who’s not committing crimes, then he’s not scary.

George Floyd was high on meth and fentanyl, resisted arrest, and attempted to buy something with counterfeit money. He died because of a lethal dose of drugs. I also believe he experienced excited delirium. Tamir Rice took the orange tip-off of a fake gun to make it look real and then proceeded to chase people in the park with what looked to be a real gun. When the police stopped him, he pulled the gun on them and was shot.

Ahmaud Arbery had nothing to do with the police; he broke into somebody’s house armed with a gun. Michael Brown wouldn’t get out of the middle of the street and tried to fight a police officer for his gun. He beat the police officer so he got shot. Eric Garner was arrested over 40 times; he was fat, out of shape, and resisted arrest. He went into cardiac arrest and died later at the hospital. Walter Scott owed $40,000 on child support, he fought the cop and the cop shot him.

Jacob Blake was wanted for assaulting a woman sexually; he was not an upstanding citizen. When police arrived, he fought police officers, holding one in a headlock. They tried to tase him multiple times before he mentioned having a knife; when he went to his car he was shot. Now he’s paralyzed and lucky he’s alive. Sean Reed was on Facebook live doing drive-by shootings and high-speed pursuits where he pulled a gun on police officers.

If you want respect, Black people should respect themselves first before you start pointing your finger at white people. If you respect yourself then you wouldn’t be at the abortion clinic more than any other race per capita. If you respect yourself, Black on Black violence wouldn’t be perpetuated in inner-cities. If you really respected yourself you wouldn’t commit so many crimes and go to prison. Two percent of the Black males in Black communities commit more than half of the violent crimes in the US.

If you believe the same thing as this 11 year-old then you’ll never be anything in America because you’re always going to live with hate and falsehoods. You’ll never achieve something meaningful in life because you’ve got this fear of white people and a fear of success when you’re living in a country that makes Black billionaires on a day-to-day basis.