White Privilege my A**

I want to use swear words to describe how sickening it makes me feel when people talk about white privilege. People see me and say that I’m a sell-out because I don’t categorize people based on their race. It’s just common sense because I’m not racist. I get offended when people say stupid things that are unjustified.

I knew many people back in the police department who were white. Some of them had stories about overcoming adversity that I will never be able to relate to because their socio-economic situations just blew my mind. As a Black man in America, I have never had to deal with some of the things my white fellow police officers dealt with. So when people bring up this false narrative that white people have privilege from birth, it’s ridiculous.

I was the spokesperson for the Tucson police department with maybe two years of experience. I have never in the history of the police department heard of anybody being a spokesperson after just two years. That’s how we feel in the police realm. If you’re in the police department for two years then you’re still a rookie. I’ve never heard of a white person getting that same opportunity. I challenge you to name one white police officer who can get on tv and say the Black Lives Matter movement is ineffective and not lose their job.

I went and probably got one of the best deals possible on a house. I got it for a steal. I got the best deal in probably the whole community. I bought a house for $166,000 and it was worth $270,000 when it was built. The person I bought that house from was a white person. I can name a whole bunch of white people who had to pay to go to college but I got a full scholarship. I know 70 other people on full scholarship and 80% of them are Black people yet you keep telling me that somehow white people have privilege.

I know so many people who have applied for jobs and didn’t get the position because of affirmative action giving jobs to minorities who have fewer qualifications. Your success in life is dependent on you, how much you’re willing to put up with, how much you’re willing to take, and how hard you work towards your dreams and goals.

Black people have a propensity to be thugs. If police target you disproportionately, they’re justified because statistics show that you’re more likely to be a thug than a white person. African Americans make up 13% of the population but commit more than half of the violent crimes. Nobody’s forcing you to commit crimes.

African American people get mad if you say they like fried chicken. My grandma makes the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life but if you say that to a Black person you’re going to get mauled. So how is it okay for you to make a generalization about all white people just because some white people have white privilege?

I have some privilege because I’m handsome. Now you give me the name of one woman news anchor that’s on the tv every day who’s obese or ugly. You can be a great journalist, you can have a better resume than a prettier person but that person who looks better than you will get more attention on tv and they’re going to give them the job. Are you going to call that good-looking privilege? If you’ve got money you’ve got privilege. LeBron James has more privilege than every white person in America. Show me one person with more privilege than Barack Obama. Wealth is a privilege. There’s a privilege in everything. You could have the same skill levels between two basketball players and the taller athlete is going to have a privilege over you.

White privilege exists In isolated situations. There is also Black privilege in isolated situations. They want you to believe these different types of privilege exist so they can pit you against one another. Conservatives understand that we’re all equal; we don’t paint the picture that our country is dedicated to principles of privilege when they’re not. Democrats do! They want you to believe it’s racist to secure our southern border. If you’re the type of person who believes white people have privilege you’re a fool and you need to change the way you think.