Why I Quit Being a Police Officer

People have asked me thousands of times why I left the police department, so here’s my explanation. I didn’t get fired and I didn’t leave because I couldn’t be conservative on the force. The Tucson police department loved me! I was the voice of the police department. Whether they wanted something said about the chief, about white privilege, or the tax on law enforcement, I was making a video for them. Our Chief of police couldn’t stand police officers. He was the epitome of a liberal leftist; he was a gay married man who supported the Black Lives Matter movement by holding a sign in Richmond, CA.

I’ve always been an outspoken person; most of the stuff I would talk about on Facebook was about God. Back then about 100 people would like my posts, which was a lot for me at the time. At the same time, I also went from being a Democrat to being more Conservative after I saw how Obama disliked the police department, saying things about us that made our work environment more dangerous. All of my coworkers couldn’t believe I was a Democrat because of my beliefs; I’m a Christian, I’m pro law-enforcement, and I’m pro-life.

When the scales finally fell off my eyes and I realized that I’m a Conservative, I decided to attend a Trump rally in Tucson after seeing Ben Carson support him. So I went to the rally and made a video about my experience, posted it online and it went viral. I thought I was going to get fired! I was asked to be on the Hannity Show, the O’Reilly Factor, and Fox &Friends. Then the attack in Brussels happened so they had to cancel all of my appearances to cover that story on the news. The only one that didn’t cancel was Fox & Friends.

At first, I had no desire to be anything but a police officer until one day Colin Kaepernick took a knee and that changed my life forever because I ripped his behind so bad in a video that has 70 million views on Facebook! I had organizations reaching out to me to work with them so I left the police department and became the spokesperson for a company called ConservativeTribune. I never thought I would have that kind of job but they offered me a financial package I couldn’t refuse, making $20,000 more than what I was making as a police officer not to mention my signing bonus with them was almost more than I would make in an entire year.

I told myself I would try it for a year and if I didn’t like it I would go back to being a patrol officer. God began to open up doors for me with Turning Point USA and other companies, speaking around the country, growing my social media presence, and I knew it was God showing me that he wanted me to expand and go in a different direction, changing the world by being more vocal.

All of this has led me to where I am now. I have my own online store, a YouTube channel, viewer support, a non-profit organization, and I continue to speak around the country. My goal is to be a millionaire so that I can bless other people the same way God has blessed me.